Current Production Status - June 16th, 2020

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✦ Pink Paw Mousepads | SHIPPED!
All orders should be sent out, sans orders combined with plush dolls! If you have yet to receive your order, please let me know! Limited leftover stock if anyone would still like to snag one. Less than 10 left.

✦ Fire Emblem 3 Houses Plush Dolls - Wave 1 | SHIPPING SLOWLY 
Restocks are finished being produced. I have been having small shipments of stock sent to me in order to start fulfilling the very early orders (Feb-Mar). Some have arrived already. I will continue shipping wave 1 orders out as I get stock. Thank you for your patience!

MByleth, Academy Dimitri, and Flayn will not be restocked.
May or may not be the last restock for TSDimitri, FByleth, Seteth, and Hilda - I have to evaluate demand once full stock arrives.

✦ Fire Emblem 3 Houses Plush Dolls - Wave 2 | IN PRODUCTION
Samples for Felix, Annette, Dorothea, Lysithea currently finished 100%. 

Stock on Lysithea & Dorothea are currently already LOW. Less than 5 left of each. Will likely not be restocked for a few months due to the affects of the coronavirus on shipping prices and speeds.

Tentative delivery date is LATE JUNE THROUGH JULY.

✦ Kingdom Hearts Trio Sticky Note Pads | HOLD
Production is temporarily halted, currently in search of a new manufacturer!

✦ Judy & Stitches Plush Dolls | SAMPLE IN PROGRESS
Production for samples is currently in progress! Will open pre-orders once samples are finished. Estimated pre-order period June-July with delivery in August-September.

✦ Leon, Frey, & Dylas Dolls | DESIGNS BEING FINALIZED

✦ Celeste, Blathers, & Dom Enamel Pins | DESIGNS BEING FINALIZED

Thank you for your continued patience! Please remember if you need a refund I am happy to do that for you so long as your label has not yet been printed. We are going through hard times right now and I wouldn't want anyone to strain themselves financially if they can help it. Take care out there! 

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