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Announcement: Monitor cozies have been delayed to March due to the Lunar New Year. Please email customer service at if you have further questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience!

Fire Emblem Three Houses Plush Dolls ☆☆ Wave 2 - Felix, Annette, Dorothea, Lysithea

Dolls based on some of our favorite characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

Specs & Features!

☆ Size: Roughly 20cm/8in (sitting down)
☆ Super soft fabric!
☆ Embroidered face & details
☆ Airbrushed rosy cheeks ❤ 

Please check out wave 1 if you're interested in combining any of the characters from wave 1 with this wave!

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Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests. I will answer as soon as I can, and I am happy to help! Thanks so much for looking!

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