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ANNOUNCEMENT: All orders will be delayed fulfillment as shop owner & her family have tested positive for COVID19. Please expect shipping delay of 2-4 weeks. Thank you.

Three Houses Wax Seal Stamps

Using wax seal stamps will give that old & classical look to your letters or journal entries. 


$15 - 1 Stamp
$20 - Stamp + bottle of wax tablets
$25 - Stamp + bottle of wax tablets + spoon (the spoon is very helpful for measuring and pouring the wax)

- The stamp diameter measures 3cm / ~1.1 inches. This is on the bigger side of wax seal stamps. Typically, using 3-4 wax tablets are recommended for this size.
- The bottles of wax tablets I include in the bundles have about 60 tablets in them.
- The handle of the stamp is made of wood, painted depending on the design you're getting - please see the pictures!
- The spoon has a wooden handle in order to prevent burning your hand while you hold it. Please exercise caution when using these.
- The colour of wax you get depends on the design you get.

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