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Announcement: Monitor cozies have been delayed to March due to the Lunar New Year. Please email customer service at if you have further questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience!

Three Houses Wax Seal Stamps

Using wax seal stamps will give that old & classical look to your letters or journal entries. 


$15 - 1 Stamp
$20 - Stamp + bottle of wax tablets
$25 - Stamp + bottle of wax tablets + spoon (the spoon is very helpful for measuring and pouring the wax)

- The stamp diameter measures 3cm / ~1.1 inches. This is on the bigger side of wax seal stamps. Typically, using 3-4 wax tablets are recommended for this size.
- The bottles of wax tablets I include in the bundles have about 60 tablets in them.
- The handle of the stamp is made of wood, painted depending on the design you're getting - please see the pictures!
- The spoon has a wooden handle in order to prevent burning your hand while you hold it. Please exercise caution when using these.
- The colour of wax you get depends on the design you get.

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