Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can perhaps find an answer to a question or pondering you may have.
If your inquiry isn't addressed here, please feel free to email me or ask me on twitter!

Q: When will I recieve my item?
For pre-order items, please consult the original listing! I will always write a timeline so you should know when to expect your pre-order item. In case of delays, I will update the listing appropriately or post them on the Production Updates page.

For immediate stock items (items labeled as such or without a pre-order label) I ship out orders within 2 weeks! Etsy will update you automatically when I ship your item out, and from there it can take ~1 week (domestic) but up to 3 weeks (INTL) depending on your postal service & customs.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
The only orders I am able to cancel are ones new pre-order items wherein the buyer buys BEFORE sample images have been released. An example would be a buyer buying a plush pre-order when I put the designs up, but changing their mind once the final physical sample pictures have been posted; a discrepancy in design versus final product is an OK reason for a cancellation request, long as it is made 7 days before its due to be shipped out - I occasionally print labels ahead of time and if the cancellation request is made after the label is printed it may have to be treated as a return in case it accidentally goes out. In the case of returns, I do ask the buyer to pay the return shipping.

Q: Do you take plush commissions?
Unfortunately at the moment we cannot! I promise I am looking into doing single doll commissions but at this moment it's not within our abilities. Thank you for understanding!

I do take requests for new existing characters into account as long as they're from fandoms I'm in (Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, etc.)!

Q: I like a plush design you have but can you change the [face, eyes, hair, etc.] slightly?
Sorry, we currently cannot do any kind of customization on existing dolls either!

Q: Can I upgrade or combine my shipping?
Yes! Please just message me if you need any upgrades or combines to your order.

Q: Can you mark my order as a gift and declare the value as less to avoid customs fees?
Sorry, I can't do that. Any order notes requesting such will be ignored. It's illegal, guys!

Q: My order went missing after it was shipped. Can you do something?
Unfortunately, after I ship the item out, it's out of my hands, sorry! I can give you advice on the best course of action to take depending on the shipping method you chose, but not much else.

Always remember that FIRST CLASS shipping methods do NOT come with insurance. If you're worried about your parcel being lost, PRIORITY and EXPRESS shipping do come with insurance wherein you can make a monetary claim to your postal service if it is lost in transit.