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Announcement: Monitor cozies have been delayed to March due to the Lunar New Year. Please email customer service at if you have further questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience!

Computer Monitor Screen Soft Cozy Cover Sleeves - PREORDER

Screen cozies made to make your setup just that much cuter!

- Tested on screen sizes 19" through 30"
- Seamless design means you can pull as much of the cozy to the back as you need, so there's no risk of covering up the screen in front! Only cover as much of the frame as you need to. 

The top screen, 27", is using the cat cozy in a large size.
The bottom screen, 23", is using the cat cozy in a medium size.
The laptop, 16", is using the rabbit cozy in the small size.

Please be aware this is a pre-order product and is not due to be delivered until ~Feb! Delays due to the stress of holiday mail on the postal system may occur as well. Any updates (ahead of schedule or behind schedule) will be posted on my twitter account.

Physical sample photos of the black cat, lavender bunny, & honey bear still being worked on!

Future designs pending -I'd love to hear your requests and suggestions over at my twitter!

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