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Announcement: Monitor cozies have been delayed to March due to the Lunar New Year. Please email customer service at if you have further questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience!

Final Fantasy XIV Eternal Bond Groom Plush (PRE-ORDER)

@purrimcess and @moecinna present! 

Some good boys. Ready for a big smoochie.

Specs & Features!

☆ Size: Roughly ~12in standing
☆ Floppy legs and arms for easier posing (can stand with help, or sit!)
☆ Super soft fabric
☆ Embroidered face & details
☆ Airbrushed rosy cheeks
☆ Removable clothing!! You wanna dress them up in other clothes you go right ahead!!
☆ Magnetic hands - while I'm unable to offer rings as a bonus item due to sizing variety, please give them a ring of your own to hold :) ❤

Delivery is estimated to due to be December! Please note delivery timeline may be affected to covid-related delays, as well as strain on the postal service as we get closer to voting season and the holidays.

PRODUCTION UPDATE 12/1: FFXIV plush stock shipment has been affected by COVID19 + Holiday strain and so shipment time to me has increased by roughly 45 days - these will no longer be in time for Christmas unfortunately. Please message me if you would like a refund. For those OK with the wait I will designing additional bonus merch to include in all affected orders. Thank you!

Thank you for looking!

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