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ANNOUNCEMENT: All orders will be delayed fulfillment as shop owner & her family have tested positive for COVID19. Please expect shipping delay of 2-4 weeks. Thank you.

Final Fantasy XIV Eternal Bond Groom Plush - Aymeric, Haurchefant, G'raha Tia (PRE-ORDER)

@purrmaid and @moecinna present! 

Some good boys. Ready for a big smoochie.

Specs & Features!

☆ Size: Roughly ~12in standing
☆ Floppy legs and arms for easier posing (can stand with help, or sit!)
☆ Super soft fabric
☆ Embroidered face & details
☆ Airbrushed rosy cheeks
☆ Removable clothing!! You wanna dress them up in other clothes you go right ahead!!
☆ Magnetic hands - while I'm unable to offer rings as a bonus item due to sizing variety, please give them a ring of your own to hold :) ❤

Delivery is estimated to due to be December! Please note delivery timeline may be affected to covid-related delays, as well as strain on the postal service as we get closer to voting season and the holidays.

Thank you for looking!

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